At Goyesco we bake our own bread. If we can do it you can too! People used to bake bread at home using their ovens but this process is highly time-consuming and messy. Today you can buy your bread at the store and not have to spend the time and energy to bake it. But thanks to modern innovations like the bread maker, it’s easier, more healthy, and often cheaper to bake bread at home!

What you should first do before starting is determine what bread maker you want to buy. To do this you should ideally be doing your research and reading reviews about the bread makers from previous customers. If you are just starting out and are not sure about baking your own bread, get a cheap bread maker so you won’t waste money if you decide it’s not your thing. There are plenty of affordable bread makers that do a good job. You can always upgrade to a more high-end model later.

The cheap bread maker that we would recommend is the Cuisinart CBK-100. It’s less than $100 and very easy to use because it has notifications that guide you on when and what to do. Therefore it would also be a good beginner model. If you want to add fruit and other extra ingredients to your bread, the machine will ring a sound to tell you when it’s time to add them. This is a convenient feature to have. The bread will turn out perfectly.

The basic ingredients that you need to bake bread are flour, water, salt, and yeast. You can bake all sorts of breads with just these four ingredients combined in various ways. When learning to bake bread, you should get to know the different kinds of flour and yeast available on the market. You will definitely be asking yourself if you should use all-purpose flour or bread machine flour? Put simply, the main difference is the amount of protein content in the flours. This will affect the outcome of the texture and taste. Our advice is to experiment with different flours. You can get their protein content on the packaging label. You will also be asking yourself what kind of yeast should you use. Have a look at this useful article on what is bread machine yeast to find out.

Learning to bake bread with a bread maker is easy because the machine does most of the work. You don’t have to knead with your hands or test the temperature settings on your oven. The bread maker is smart enough to do everything. On top of that there is very little cleanup involved. The learning curve is small – if you can push a few buttons you can use a bread maker! Using the timer you can also set your machine to bake at whatever time you want as much as 13 hours in advance.

For your convenience, we are including a great website to start your research: Bread Machine Pros – a comprehensive site about bread machines where you will find reviews, comparisons, recommendations, and baking tips. Visit them at

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